Certified Fresh Picks

Movies or TV shows with a Critic score of 75 percent or higher with at least 40 critic reviews (including at least five Top Critics), are designated Certified Fresh.


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  • RT Podcast: Ep. 047 - Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis dropped in for another bonus interview show this week. Grae Drake and Sarah Ricard interviewed the legendary comedian about his new DVD set Bundle of Nerves. Lewis talks about how this new DVD is truly a labor of love, and why the specific performances he included are so important to him. (Note to listeners: Sarah's audio drops out after a while, but we wanted to share this show with you anyway.)
  • RT Podcast: Ep. 046 - New movies, Pierce Brosnan, & Joe Manganiello

    This week's show starts off with the critics' reactions to November Man, and Grae shares a quick interview with star Pierce Brosnan. Then the team covers As Above/So Below and the 30th anniversary theatrical re-release of Ghostbusters. Ryan talks about new DVD/Blu-ray releases, and Sarah talks about what the critics have to say about Doctor Who and Intruders. After that, Grae shares a long interview with actor/director Joe Manganiello about his new documentary La Bare.
  • RT Podcast: Ep. 045 - Writer/Director Whit Stillman

    Oscar-nominated filmmaker Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, The Last Days of Disco, Barcelona) dropped by the Rotten Tomatoes studio to talk with TV Editor Sarah Ricard about his new project, The Cosmopolitans. Streaming for free starting Aug. 28, The Cosmopolitans is part of Amazon Studio's "pilot season," and follows a group of young expatriates (Adam Brody, Chloe Sevigny, Carrie MacLemore, Adriano Giannini) living in Paris and searching for love.